Turn it around!

My psychiatrist encouraged me to seek out information from The Butterfly Foundation, to which I followed her advice. I stumbled across “Turn it around” which is a positivity campaign for those with eating disorders and their families, during christmas time, a time undoubtedly involving food and family.

The website read: “Butterfly Foundation’s TURN HOPELESS INTO HOPE Christmas campaign is about the community coming together at what can be a difficult time of year to TURN IT AROUND for people experiencing eating disorders and their families.

Over the holiday season, people tell us they feel ‘cloudy’, ‘hopeless’ and unable to see the ‘light’. We know the holiday period can be a particularly difficult time for individuals and families due to more social gatherings, focus is on food, advertising about diets is rife, everyone expects you to be happy, it feels like everyone is ‘watching’ you. By working together, we can turn this around!”

73% of Australians are unhappy with their appearance and want to change the way they look

One in four girls and one in 10 boys consciously restrict their food intake to control their weight (AIFS, 2018)

People of all ages, gender identities, sexualities and cultural backgrounds are experiencing eating disorders in Australia

This time of year is particularly difficult for people experiencing eating disorders because:

– There are more social gatherings
– A lot of focus is on food
– Advertising about diets is rife
– Everyone expects you to be happy
– It feels like everyone is ‘watching’ you


This Christmas i’m going to make a donation to this campaign and also promote the Butterfly Foundation.

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