A woman’s self objectification rationale

I think some women engage in self objectification/being your own voyeur/and even to some extent enjoy objectification if it comes in the form of approval, praise and compliments because we’re kind of raised like that from what we see in the media and when we’re appealing to men and even the public eye, we feel good and useful because we’re raised to feel that’s our purpose but also when you become more socially aware and start to hate being objectified and realize how disgusting it all is you want nothing to do with it and you don’t want to be objectified even if it comes with praise…but some small part of you probably still gets a kick out of it like short lived joy or an artificial self esteem boost because it’s hard to abandon thinking like that.

I think a lot of women experience that and feel like they’re terrible for it but it’s like…that’s not really the case I feel because it’s kinda slammed into us to think ‘We Are Meant To Be Attractive, Get Pursued by Men And That’s Our Purpose ‘and so we can’t help but judge ourselves on a scale of how good of a woman we’re being when the criteria ends up being things like how much we can make society and even men like us or be pretty to them and that’s just really messed up lol even when you don’t want to that’s how you’re measuring your worth.

With social media, the world is one’s oyster when it comes to getting validation and pats on the back.

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