The fear regarding having children

I’ve seen a lot of people in the ED/mental health community afraid to have children because they do not want to pass their mental illnesses down to their children. While this is a valid fear to have, if we do decide to have children, and one day those children do develop a mental illness, I believe they will be one of the lucky ones to have parents who will understand. They’ll be lucky to have parents who will not brush their issues aside, who will not minimise their illness, who will not make the illness about themselves, who will not make their children feel bad or ashamed, who will realize mental illness is chronic and deserves treatment, and who will show compassion and unconditional love.

A lot of us never got that from family members, which more than likely contributed to the magnitude or longevity of our illnesses. Maybe if we learn to do it a different way with our kids, they will not suffer as hard or as much as we did.

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