Eating disorders promise a finish line that doesn’t exist

What everyone needs to acknowledge, which I wish I did at the beginning of my eating disorder is that your eating disorder is lying to you. Eating disorders often promise you a reward at the end of the perilous tunnel. Unfortunately, there is no end to that tunnel.
You may have a “goal weight” but when you get to it, your eating disorder will demand a lower weight. You won’t be able to maintain that weight, either…not without continuing the dangerous eating disorder behaviours. That’s what makes it so neverending.
You keep going, hoping your disorder will be satisfied at some point, that those thoughts will congratulate you but to no avail. If you happen to realise this, you still continue on with it as you foolishly believe you’re the exception. You’re not.
The only way out is to go back the other way or die trying to reach a goal that will never become a reality.

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